Price: $49 for this cohort ($99 for the next one)

Duration: 4 weeks

Tentative Start Date: 2nd week of April

Goal: The goal of this course is to help you make your first $100. If you want to build a SaaS, a directory website, productized service, or something similar then this is the perfect course for you. By the end of the course, you will have a launched product, and if you would have done all the mentioned things then you would have earned your $100 and much more.

What do you get

  1. Full course with live sessions on weekends (Around 6-8 total sessions of 1 hour each, one session on Saturday and one session on Sunday)
  2. Get access to recordings of all sessions for life-time
  3. Guest sessions
  4. Two 30-minute 1-1 calls
  5. My mini-book for free ($20 value)

Sessions (approximately four weeks along)

Week 1

  1. Introductions and course logistics
  2. Ideation and shortlisting ideas
    1. How to find ideas
    2. Monetization
    3. Target Audience
    4. Looking at examples
  3. How to do user interviews

Week 2

  1. Doing things that don’t scale
  2. How to make a good landing page
  3. How to build out your MVP

Week 3